Hello and thanks for stopping by paulbogle.com. You might be wondering who I am and why I’ve created this site. Well sit back as I tell you a little story

My name is Paul Bogle and I’ve been involved in the Online Marketing business for about 7 years. I finally went “full-time” in October of 2015!

I think I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. I can remember watching infomercials years ago about building a real estate empire and stuff like that. Of course back then, I never took action, which of course means, nothing happened. So when did it all really kick off for me?

One day I was home, watching something or other, and stumbled across a documentary about how ordinary people were making job replacing income by selling stuff on eBay. That was my catalyst! From that moment, I realized that this online thing was really possible.

I’d find anything around the house and at local stores and began throwing them up on eBay. I’d put up listing after listing and finally I was making money. It was a good start, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to quit my day job.

So what did I do? Instead of pushing through and scaling massively, I did what 99.99% of “wantrepreneurs” do… I began looking for the next best thing. The thing that was going to make me rich overnight.

I bounced from product to product and system to system. I never stayed focused long enough to see any real success. I’d begin to make progress and that little voice in my head would start whispering “there’s got to be a better way”. I’d hop from one course that promised riches virtually overnight, to the next. Maybe they were good, maybe not. I never stuck around long enough to find out.

It wasn’t until I stopped bouncing around and really focused on just one thing that my tide turned. For me that was the physical product and affiliate marketing business. That’s what I’m really interested in and frankly, I believe it’s the fastest way to success for anyone that follows a single path, but I digress

In 2011 things exploded for me. My physical product review sites were ranking in the top 3 for tons of buyer keywords. I was netting over $13K/month for a very passive lifestyle income. Don’t get me wrong, I spent about $600/month and outsourced everything to achieve this passive income and it allowed me to , sit back and collect a 5-figure per month income.


And then, almost over night, my earnings plummeted! I fell victim to the Google animal Gods and my sites were no longer ranking. My income that was as good as many of the executives I worked with was suddenly gone… I panicked!


Although it was hard seeing that income disappear overnight, looking back, it might have been the best thing that ever happened in my IM career.

You see I learned 3 incredibly valuable lessons from this:

  • Build Your List – It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, first comes your list, second comes the sale.
  • Don’t Become Complacent – If you’re not growing your business, your business is dying!
  • Multiple Streams of Income – Always , always look to expand your income streams as long as it doesn’t hurt your existing income stream and doesn’t take away from your growth of existing income streams.


And that brings me to why I’ve created this site. You see the cold hard fact is 99% of IM products are shit! Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s the truth. Too many products are pure garbage, but have a compelling sales page that pushes the right emotional triggers. Once you’re inside the product, it’s a total let-down. This website changes that.

I’m always on the look-out for ways to expand my own business (remember rule #3). In fact, it’s built into my weekly schedule. I allocate a portion of time each week to looking at new opportunities. The results of my own research will be documented here.

So on this blog, you’ll find my honest assessment of software, methods and courses that can help your existing business grow, start a new income stream or get you out the gate if you’re brand new.

I hope this post has given you some insight into who I am and what I’m about. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions, concerns or products you’d like to see reviewed.

All the best,